About Scott

I'm a broadsword-wielding biker.  In my spare time, I create precision-engineered war machines.  I'm a fierce protector of children.  Myth and legend are my playthings, and young minds are but clay to be molded by me.  I am a martial artist without equal.

Everything I wrote above is wildly inaccurate as a description of me, but is also true to one degree or another.  (Having no equal doesn't preclude having a multitude of superiors, right?)

In more prosaic terms, I'm Scott, full-time daddy and house husband, part time writer.  I used to work in education.  My hobbies include tabletop gaming, City of Heroes and other computer games, cycling around town with my daughter in tow, and building models.

My interest in zombies is an old one - I wrote my first zombie-oriented fiction back in 1999, including a field guide to hunting them down and killing them.  Now, I'm older and wiser and just want to survive the (probably fictional) zombie apocalypse.  It's a great excuse for me to get into the best shape of my life.

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