NROWFIZS is a hybrid fitness program.

Stage 1 combines:

It's going to be a rigorous combination of Weight Lifting and Cardio. The hybrid program is 7 months (220 days) long and follows the schedule laid out on the Schedule page.

Stage 2 combines:

p.s.  No, we're not actually expecting a Zombie Apocalypse... but why not be prepared? As the CDC says "If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, you're ready for any emergency."

Stage 3 will be a stop gap for Kate & Scott to bring us to a January 1st start date at which point we will start...

Stage 4, which will be a 365 day program utilizing Insanity, the NROL (original), and  ZombieFit's Parkour WoD.


NROWFIZS is not just for Kate & Scott. Anyone can use this program to increase their physical Zombie Survival skills.

If you can't afford the Insanity video set for the cardio portions of Stage 1; substitute high intensity interval training (HIIT), metabolic resistance training (MRT), high impact aerobics via Hulu or TV on Demand or jump straight to the ZombieFit Parkour WoD.

The Fit Test check list is available here if you're doing alternate cardio.

If you don't have access to free weights for the strength portion; try to find a used set (if you have room to store them), join the local YMCA (rates may be based on income), use resistance bands, or substitute bodyweight exercises (create a full body routine).

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